Yellow cake Welcome to Edible-Arts.com.

Our business is opened with a mission to provide unique, fun and one of a kind cake for your special occasions. Our specially designed cakes are home-baked, unique, personalized, scrumptiously delicious and at affordable prices. Remember the overhead expenses of a cake shop, expensive bridal shows, or magazine/online advertising costs ALL have to be somehow added into the cost of YOUR cakes! We don�t do ANY of these; most of our referrals come from our former friends and friends of our friends, just from simple word-of-mouth advertising. That kind of publicity cannot be bought at any price and we happily pass that savings on to YOU.
Our highly talented baking artist can design your personalized idea into an amazing piece of decorative artwork for your special occasion or present such as for Birthdays, Anniversaries, Weddings, Farewell, Valentine�s day, Bridal shower, Baby shower, Mother�s day, Father�s day, Boss�s day, Secretary�s day, Housewarming, Sports Events, Parties, Graduation, Christmas, or any special occasion. Mushroom Cake
Mushroom Cake We provide unique and high quality Edible arts and we have built a company that prides itself on satisfying customers. Our commitment to our customers is that we will continue to expend our innovative products offering and provide the quality and customer service that will keep you coming back.